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I wouldn’t exactly call myself a know-it-all for where to go in London, but working in the foodservice industry has opened up my mind to so many different, quirky places to visit in London for something a bit “extra”. That’s where I came across The Blind Pig and Milk & Honey. These speakeasy hotspots are so easy to miss when walking along the bustle of Soho, but you’ll spot The Blind Pig from the probable queue outside (book in advance!) and also it’s above the Social Eating House which makes it easy for your eye to catch the little side door with, you guessed it, a blind pig on the front. As for the Milk & Honey entrance, good luck. We had the Google Maps navigator up and knew it was next door The Blind Pig and still wondered up and down the same spot trying to find it. Turns out it’s behind an inconspicuous, completely wooden wall. We only spotted it as we saw an intercom with “Milk & Honey” written on it.


Milk & Honey, Soho

milk and honey

When we finally found the door, we entered the bar and were met by a very “Apprentice” style receptionist… we did have a bit of a giggle and kept quoting “Lord Sugar will see you now” – childish, I know. The bar was very “exclusive” and it almost felt like we had been thrown back in time to the 50s. The atmosphere was so relaxed and the service was brilliant. I know it’s such a small thing to get excited about but the waitress was always refilling our glasses of water. The cocktail menu was extensive. We spent about 10 minutes or more perusing the menu trying to decide we wanted. From champagne cocktails to shorts, there was something for everyone on the menu. I chose the East 8 Hold Up which had: Vodka, Aperol, pineapple, passion fruit, lime. It was so sweet and exactly the type of cocktail I love. I usually sway towards vodka based cocktails as it allows the flavours of the mixers to really come through. It is a pricey joint though so definitely for when you feel like treating yourself. It’s also a members bar so make sure you book in advance if you want to visit. We booked a table for only an hour before we moved on to The Blind Pig but we could’ve definitely stayed for one more drink and easily spent 2 hours here just catching up.

The Blind Pig

the blind pig hunny pot the blind pig hunny pot the blind pig dream jar

The creme de la creme, the ultimate cocktail experience. I had heard about The Blind Pig online and was dying to head there to check out their children literature themed cocktails. I mean, a Winnie The Pooh themed cocktail and a BFG themed cocktail… what more could you want? Not to mention, they are presented so well and taste delicious! Again, similar to Milk & Honey, we had booked in advance online to ensure we could get in. This proved well as we skipped ahead of the pretty long queue to go straight in. The space itself is very open and the noise levels make it the perfect place for a catch-up with friends. We were sat on a little sofa booth which suited us perfectly as we were tucked away and could really have a good chat with some fabulous drinks. The hunny pot is a must order if you go to The Blind Pig; it tastes delicious and the little veggie Percy Pig perched on the top of the drink is too cute. The dream jar was also really good… I think it even tasted better than the hunny pot. There were the ingredients, so to speak: Ketel One vodka, Swedish punsch, apricot, lemon, vanilla & oregano syrup, egg white, soda, zozimus essence. I have to admit, I barely recognised a lot of what the above would taste like… especially when put together but the presence of vodka, lemon and apricot is usually a good sign for my taste buds. At £10 a cocktail, it is once again more on the pricey side but I think completely worth it when you factor in the experiential side.

I would 100% head back to The Blind Pig in a heartbeat. It is the perfect cocktail spot and super central for someone who doesn’t live in London. I come on the train from Paddington so Soho is super easy for me to get to and from. Be it for more of a special treat, it is a cocktail spot that I am going to revisit time and time again. I can’t wait to explore what else London has to offer.

What cocktails bar do you love?

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  1. November 22, 2017 / 5:12 pm

    I have never heard of ‘The Blind Pig’ before but it looks and sounds amazing!! I hate how expensive it is but oh my god it looks so worth it!x

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