Where have I been?

Back in April, I decided to take a bit of a break from blogging as I had far too much on my plate and I really wasn’t in the right state of mind. I needed to focus on myself and I needed to get back to the “old Emily”.

Since the start of 2017, I’ve been battling with my weight and feelings towards myself. Flashback to the start of the year and it was safe to say, I hated myself. I hated my yellow, lank hair; I hated my “moon” face; I hated that I had put on two stone since leaving Cardiff; I hated that I no longer had a waist; I hated my gammy tooth; I hated that I no longer lived locally to any of my closest friends; I hated feeling lonely and like I had nobody to talk to; I hated that my life didn’t seem to be going as smoothly as others in my life and, mostly, I just hated the way I felt. This all had to change and that required me stepping away from my blog for a few months so I could really focus on myself and my mental health. Whilst I adore blogging, I was trying to balance a hectic 9-5 job with writing a blog which is a lot harder than people think! I had no time to take the standard of blog pictures I wanted to take and I had no time to write the in depth posts which I was used to writing. I honestly found myself getting in from the gym after work and sitting down, whacking out a post in about 10 minutes with little care… that’s not what I started EmsAlice for.

So, now I am back with a fresh approach to blogging and a lot more self-love. I joined Slimming World in January which is going great and I have lost two stone (yes, I am now back to my university weight!). I still have a stone to lose until I am at “target” but I am a lot happier in my body and my love for clothes has come back with a vengeance… Topshop suddenly looks as appealing (and scary on the wallet) as it used to. I chopped a lot of my hair off so it looks healthier and it’s even starting to look more silver/white which is completely me. I also feel less stressed as I am coming more to grips with my job (I’ve been there a year now) and  I am growing in confidence as I get more and more experienced… it’s a nice feeling. There’s also the element of my relationship becoming more and more comfortable in long distance. I think the separation after university took it’s toll on me and I felt lonely but now I feel like we are in a much stronger place and it’s just become our “routine”. I enjoy the weekends we get to spend together and I appreciate the calls every morning on the way to work. I also made true friends at my workplace which made the daily grind far more appealing – they’re all about to move on in their lives but I still speak to them pretty much every week and  I know they’re always there for me to text when I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed at work.

So, yes. I am back to blogging every week and I am hoping to see some growth in my social media platforms at a time when everyone is moaning about the lack of growth… call me crazy?

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  1. Your no.1 hufflepuff
    July 9, 2017 / 11:04 am

    Proud of you lovely!! One for posting this and two for taking the time to focus on you. Love ya lots xxx

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