Tangle Angel… the new Tangle Teezer?!*

tangle angel brush

“A big claim!”, I hear you shouting from the other side of the screen… a brush, as good (if not better) than the Tangle Teezer? Well, I’m not kidding. When I was approached to review a few of their Tangle Angel brushes, I thought they would be good but they wouldn’t overthrow my beloved Tangle Teezer. Boasting to be perfect on wet and dry hair, the Tangle  Angel brushes are amazing. They also are great for blow drying and suitable for all hair types. The brush is really soft on their and doesn’t pull at all; my hair is a big one for getting tangled so easily, especially when I come out of the shower, so a really good detangling brush is needed in my hair care routine. Also, specially developed antibacterial additives are embedded in the plastic make your brush ultra hygienic and safe to use. STORYTIME; a Tangle Teezer of mine once actually went a tad minging and dirty from use on my wet hair which made me have to buy a new one. I have used the Tangle Angel on both wet and dry hair, and there is definitely no sign of “mingingness” as of yet, and it’s been a month!

The design of the brush itself is stunning. The Totally Turquoise brush is a thing of beauty sitting on my dressing table, matching my blue room (blue is my favourite colour!). I love the detailing of the wings on the back of the brush as it really gives the brush a unique twist. Also, the ergonomic shape allows you to either use the handle or hold the back of the brush so you can really control how you want to brush your hair… who knew detangling could be so technical?! As for the Tangle Angel Baby, well it’s just the most adorable mini brush to carry in your bag. I have to admit, I am not overly keen on the OMG Orange colour –  I am so not a colour person! – but it is also available in the Totally Turquoise, Pop Purple and Fab Fuschia. I actually have my Tangle Angel Baby in my gym bag so that I can whizz the brush through my hair before tying it up in a pony tail 🙂

Either way, the Tangle Angel and the Tangle Teezers have revolutionised hair detangling. I remember being a child and crying as my Mum tried to brush my hair and I can imagine that either of these brands of professional detangling brushes would’ve saved my Mum a lot of hassle.

Have you tried the Tangle Angel brushes or are you sworn to Tangle Teezer?

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*These Tangle Angel brushes were sent to be to review


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