Bleaching your hair at home with Bleach London

bleaching your hair at home
You may or may not know that I used to have really light silver/white hair. I’d decided to go a more natural colour for my graduation and pretty much since then I have really missed my light hair. A couple of months ago, I ventured to Toni & Guy who said to me that my hair was in too bad a condition to scalp bleach but they could achieve a lighter colour through highlights and toning. £140 later and my hair was in even worse condition and there was little change in colour (I complained on social media and they passed my contact details on to the salon who never rung me back – by this point, they had pretty much shoved me out of the salon so fast at the end – I’d been there for 6 hours as it was – and I think they knew they’d done my hair wrong and just wanted rid of me). I mean, this was the condition and colour of my hair after Toni & Guy “upsold” me their conditioning treatment and said I could achieve white silver with highlights…

toni and guy review

I know the colour isn’t horrible but I’d gone in there and asked for silver/white hair which they said they didn’t want to do because it would ruin my hair… yet they ruined my hair anyway. Not to mention they cut half of my hair off so how the ends were still left in this state, only they know! Anyway, back to the point of this blog, I decided to take matters into my own hand and do the colour  I want myself. I was fed up of hairdressers letting me down (and charging me £100s) so I bought two bleach sets and a bleach london white toner and got to work – bleaching your hair at home can’t be that hard, can it?

Step 1 – Applying the bleach
bleaching your hair at home bleaching your hair at home

As you can see in this photo, my hair was quite a dark blonde and pretty brassy. I really wasn’t happy with the colour and I knew 100% that the difficulty in bleaching my hair to white was going to be evening out the darker tones from the year of highlights I had been having. Some parts of my hair were light but others were a dark yellow colour. Believe me, I had tried to get rid of the brass with multiple toners but it wouldn’t budge so I was well in the zone to smack some bleach on my hair and deal with this problem.

The bleach kit I used was the L’oréal Préférence Extreme Platinum set from Boots. I had used this previously when bleaching my roots so I trusted the kit and knew from experience that it lifted the hair and the brass defying conditioner worked well to tone some of the brassiness down and also nourish the ends after a harsh bleaching process. The kit itself is similar to a Chemistry kit where you mix all the elements together in a bottle which you then apply to the hair. I applied to my roots first and then I put the bleach through the mid-lengths and finally the ends. I wanted to limit as much as possible the time that the bleach was left on my ends as  I was very conscious of the fact they were left in quite a fragile state from Toni and Guy and I really didn’t want them to break and fall off! 

Step 2 – Toning the brassiness

Naturally, when your hair has been exposed to bleach the hair goes to a light yellow brassy colour which you can then tone down to a lovely white. I put the Brass Defying conditioner (included in the bleach kit) and my trusty Directions white toner on for about a hour… these were both weaker toners and didn’t give me the white I was looking for. They did take the initial brassiness out but I knew that they were a lot weaker than the Bleach London white toner kit, hence why I used them first! They also were pretty conditioning which my hair thanked me for… After the first set of toners, I put the Bleach London white toner kit on and also use some of my Fudge violet toning shampoo to get the really brassy parts of my hair to shift up to white. I left these on for about 40 minutes; I would’ve left it on longer but I didn’t want my hair to go purple (disclaimer – some parts of my hair did in fact go to a light purple colour but this didn’t really bother me as they were at the bottom of my hair!).

Voila, white hair!

bleach london white toner bleach london white toner

I was so pleased with how my hair turned out as I have to admit I was pretty nervous that it was either going to make my hair fall out or I would be left with parts of white and parts of yellow. I know it is still a little bit off of being a pure white but it is a lot lighter than what it was! I am also planning on buying some more of the Bleach London white toner to get some of the last of the brassy tones out (as well as using my fudge shampoo every week!). My ends were also left in a lovely condition as I sat with my gorgeous label.m intensive hair mask on for 1 hour! I basically lathered the mask all over my hair and popped it into a shower cap and then went about my chores whilst my hair had a pamper treatment. This mask left my hair in gorgeous condition, especially considering it had been bleached only hours before!

So, I am back on the road to achieving the light white/silver hair that I used to have and I couldn’t be happier. I have definitely learnt that hairdressers are just not for me when I want a certain style of hair. They never seem to want to bleach my hair the way I want it so I just have to do it myself… saves me money, I guess!

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  1. December 27, 2016 / 2:35 pm

    Wow – the results at home have turned out amazing! You’re better off doing hair at home. I used to have really blonde hair and the hairdresser completely ruined my hair – my scalp was literally bleached to hell & back which left my skin really sore & peeling! Plus, the cost is something else! I’m so glad you’ve managed to achieve the silver/light blonde look, you look beautiful! I gave up and dyed my hair black in the end!

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

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