My First Teeth Whitening Experience with Style White

style white review

style white review

I was contacted to try out one of those teeth whitening kits you tend to see doing the rounds on social media by Eco Beauty Shop and I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive. I know these things can play havoc with your teeth and I tend to be the least trusting person ever when it comes to things like this but this kit from Style’ White was developed by dentists and has an exclusive formula with 100% natural extracts… so I decided to give it a go and see for myself.

When I first went to try out the whitening gadget, I realised the batteries I had been supplied with in the kit did not work which was slightly annoying but I am guessing it is probably a “bad luck” type of situation. Either way, the batteries were really easy to find and replace on Amazon for only £2.50 so no harm done in the slightest.

Style’ White – the process

style white reviewstyle white review

At first, I thought this might be a case of a weekly treatment to gradually lift the colour of my teeth but I was informed that you could in fact do it all in one sitting – easy! You basically fill the gum shield with the provided whitening tooth gel and then attached the gum shield onto the special light activator and then voila. The light automatically turn off after the 10 minutes and then you just wash the shield out and re-add some gel for the next round. In the kit, there was enough for me to get 5 session of 10 minutes in which was a good hour of teeth whitening. As you can see from the derpy pictures above, I had a great time with the light activator and it really was not that uncomfortable which was good to know seeing as I would have it in for an hour!

Style’ White – the results

style white before style white after

I know you all want the results so here you go! Tell me off for the bad quality of the before photo and give me some credit for the darker months affecting the lighting between the two, but I honestly can see a difference in shades after using this kit which was pleasantly surprising. Like I said, I use five applications for ten minutes and it definitely worked as the time progressed. After the first one, I could not really see much of a difference and was starting to get worried but I am impressed.

I will have to add that it obviously will make your teeth feel funny afterwards as they have just been whitened. Mine just felt very clean and tingly and I was fine with it. In terms of sensitivity, I was not overly sensitive to any foods or drink afterwards as I drunk cold water and had a calippo ice lolly – neither affected me in anyway. One downside that I noticed was after the five applications, a tiny ulcer appear on my gums where I assume some of the gel must’ve escaped from the gum shield and settled on my gum which caused this reaction. You just have to be careful with the shield which is really difficult considering in the instructions it does not say to mould the gum shield to your mouth as you would expect.

I was really happy with the final result and lack of tooth pain as I was honestly quite scared to put this onto my teeth. Whilst they aren’t smack you in the fact different shades of white, my two front teeth definitely felt more clean and white which was really pleasant. Considering the lack of peroxide used in the Style’ White kit, the fact that any shade lighter was achieved was a win for me! You obviously hear such horror stories about DIY kits but this one is definitely trusted and the use of 100% natural extracts, using no peroxide, makes it a good teeth whitening kit for any scared beginners.  I have already recommended it to my boyfriend to purchase and use as he has been desperate to try out some teeth whitening.

Have you ever had your teeth whitened? Let me know what your experience was!


*this product was sent to me to review by Eco Beauty Shop



  1. September 22, 2016 / 8:44 pm

    You’ve definitely had some good results, impressive after only 5 uses! I’m not sure could use something like this though (as much as I want to try teeth whiting devices) as my teeth are just so goddamn sensitive!

    The Velvet Black | UK Personal Style & Beauty Blog

  2. September 29, 2016 / 1:11 pm

    Risultato fantastico!

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