August Favourites

august favourites

august favourites august favourites august favourites

Shall I start this favourites post by once again exclaiming how quickly the month has gone or is that getting a bit old now? Well, old or not, another month has flown by which means it is time for my – slightly late – August favourites.

Reading Festival 2016

Okay, so this was the year I recaptured my youth by attending Reading Festival. The last time I went to this festival I was just turning 18 and I felt like I was the top of the world about to set out on my next adventure of Cardiff University. This time round? Well, let’s just be frank and say I felt very old. Despite being aware of my age, I did end up having a pretty decent time with some great friends from university. I mean, we started our own acapella group in our camp because why the hell not? I also managed to see one of my bucket list bands – Fall Out Boy. I won’t lie and will admit I was a tad disappointed by the set list as I was hoping they would play some old stuff but, hey, I still got to see them live. My highlight? That would have to be The 1975 on the Sunday night… and maybe my first shower in three days on the Monday morning. I guess this weekend had to be in my August favourites as it was a pretty memorable way to close the summer.

Funko Pop Harry Potter & Cher

Does a month actually manage to go by without me buying a pop figure to add to my growing collection? Well this August favourites makes it seem not. This month saw the purchasing of two new pop figures as I just could not decide which one I wanted more. I love how the Harry Potter figure is holding the snitch and I swear Cher is just my complete 90s style icon. Honestly, I am starting to need a bigger shelf with all of the figures that I have!

Skinny Coffee Club

I spoke about this coffee in my last fitness post (update coming soon I promise!) and I am still loving it so much as part of my daily routine. I am a huge coffee addict so having a healthy replacement for my initial morning coffee is a huge help and I have become accustomed to the “green” taste of the coffee. Coffee lovers, do be warned that it is an unusual taste at first but you honestly get used to it and even start to love it! I have to hold my hands up though and admit that I cannot do without my cups of regular coffee at work but at least I have supplemented one right?

What were your favourites last month?




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