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jack of all trades clearly the one jack of all trades baby doll jack of all trades for keeps jack of all trades lean on me

Recently, my lips have been really really dry which has been very annoying. I think it has something to do with my addiction to matte lipsticks but I basically needed to get my hands on a good selection of lip balms to give my lips some TLC.  After having a bit of a browse on QVC, I settled on sticking with my much loved brand Bare Minerals. My Mum had the clear Jack of All Trades sat on her bedside table so I was also able to test and see if it actually felt nice on the lips and my god, did it! The complete collection, for all four of the shades above, cost me £27 which really isn’t bad considering I have gotten four really nice colours in a lovely formula for my lips.

The colours which came with the collection I purchased from QVC were four completely different shades. You’ve got the staple clear one named ‘Clearly the One‘; this is your standard lip balm which I have kept next to my bed for quick application when my lips are feeling a little bit dry. This would also be great for taking to work to have on your desk for topping up but I like to have my Baby Lips on my desk which is not as lovely as this Bare Minerals lip balm but does the job for work. Included in the collection was the baby pink lip balm, aptly named ‘Baby Doll‘; this colour I knew from the get go that I was not going to like nor reach for over the other colours in the collection. It goes on very pale on my lips and completely washes me out which I do not like! I could’ve probably done without this shade in the collection and I would not have batted an eyelid. The gorgeous red shade is ‘For Keeps‘; obviously, being a lip balm, it does not go on the same colour as you see in the tube but it does leave a lovely red tint on your lips which I have been loving. I have been wearing it to work often as it gives me that subtle pop of red on my lips which I adore and it also keeps my lips moisturised – perfect! The last shade, ‘Lean on Me‘, is hands down my favourite! It is a gorgeous brown based nude and goes onto the lips like a dream. It adds a lovely hue of colour to my lips but also has the nourishing properties of it’s clear Jack of All Trades counterpart. Honestly, I have been using this shade non-stop on days where I want some colour on my lips but cannot face putting some matte lipstick on.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Bare Minerals Jack of All Trades lip balm collection from QVC. The shades are lovely and the formula is so nourishing on my lips which need a lot of TLC at the moment. The buttery, lightweight formula of these Jack of All Trades lip balms is down to the jackfruit extract which promotes healthy-looking, smooth lips. The balms are also boosted with grape seed oil for intense hydration with shea butter to help lock in moisture. Honestly, my lips feel so lovely with these balms on and they have been helping my lips feel just a little bit better. I think I need to just stop picking my lips as there is no chance they are going to get better if I keep up that habit!



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