OOTD | Sunshine in Cardiff


As the weather was gorgeous today in Cardiff, I thought I would do my first OOTD blog post. Being a student in a pretty grim house, I do not exactly have the best back garden… it is more of a bin patio if I am being honest; I still went out, tripod in hand, and decided to make the most of the weedy, disgusting place. I decided to put together a simple, everday look based on a day out in the sun. The crop top is light and airy so it does not make you sweat, whilst the shorts are comfortable but maybe a bit on the short side for my liking.
As a student, I hardly have the budget to spend on expensive clothes, so most of my looks will include items from either high street shops or last year’s wardrobe. The top and the shorts are both from Topshop and were not too expensive. I bought the shorts over a year ago for around £30 and the top was bought at the start of 2014 for around £20. I normally wear these shorts when I go out clubbing but they can work on a Summer’s day, I just have to keep pulling them down which can be a bit annoying; not to mention my legs just do not feel slim and long enough to pull them off – cellulite central! The sandals were an absolute bargain from Primark for £8. They feel very cheaply made but surprisingly comfortable.
The black satchel is from about 3-4 years ago and was from New Look. I cannot exactly remember the price but I think it was about £10 as I got it on the sale as well. Considering how much of a bargain find this was at the time, and the fact that I am still using it now, this has been a very good purchase. It is not the best looking pleather but it is my go-to everyday black bag; small and practical.
My bowler hat, once again, was from Topshop and was pretty expensive. I bought it in the Winter as  I knew I had been wanting one for ages, but nowhere was selling them. So when I stumbled across one in Topshop, it was bit of an impulse buy based on the fact nowhere else was selling them. Of course my luck is not the best so about a month later, they were everywhere for so much cheaper. I think this Topshop one was about £30. My sunglasses were a beautiful Primark bargain for £2. They are a teeny bit broken at the top as I bought them over a year ago, but I just need to replace them as they are so cheap it would be rude not to! For my make-up, I went for a subtle red lipstick to pair the look together. You cannot see my eyes with the sunglasses, but I had minimal eye make-up on to give emphasis to the lippy.
Thanks to my lovely boyfriend for helping take the photos in the grim back garden as my remote would not work – stupid me forgot to replace the batteries. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. I will be doing a few more OOTDs and OOTNs so keep your eyes peeled.


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